NHRC originally started as a design workshop aiming at developing an exhaust system which would lower engine temperature and noise while showing greater power when accelerating. During design we carefully select material and fabrication techniques (e.g., welding, bending, polishing, coating treatments) to equip products with optimal performance in both function and appearance.

    After years of development and experience, NHRC has become recognized not only as an excellent exhaust system manufacturer, but also, with an expanded range of products and production lines, it has become a well-known motorcycle customization brand among domestic and overseas markets.

       NHRC has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing motorcycle parts. Our main products are exhaust systems, shock absorbers, wind shields, luggage racks, and brake levers for well-known brands, including HONDA, KYMCO, YAMAHA, VESPA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI, SYM, PGO and Harley-Davison.

       Also, we provide bespoke ODM and OEM service. Throughout the development stage NHRC utilizes the most suitable equipment, materials, and techniques. This translates into the performance, quality and reliability of our products.

        Credibility has always been a core part of NHRC's business model. We strive to ensure our customers obtain efficient service, excellent quality, and a trustworthy, loyal relationship.

        Furthermore, we focus on mutual communication between market and manufacturing as much as we insist on our product quality and safety. In this way we are able to provide not only client-oriented service but stay innovative in the marketplace.